Yim's Martial Arts

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There are thousands of Martial Arts schools throughout the world that        have been teaching their students techniques for fighting to gain selfish    results. These results are accomplished without understanding the real    value, philosophy and discipline behind Martial Arts. Master Yim is the    instructor who teaches Karate/Tang Soo Do and Tae Kwon Do as arts,          not as fighting methods. Master Yim's confidence, discipline                              and technique are unlimited, and he is ready to share them with you and with your children. What you and your children will gain in knowledge, and what you can expect from Yim's Martial Arts is the best and complete  Martial Arts training available anywhere in the world.  



  Why Choose Yim's Martial Arts?

Many parents give their children a chance to learn Martial Arts with the thought of getting into better physical condition or as means of self-defense. Even many adults begin with the same thought. However, as your children and you progress, you will discover that along with the physical demands, the mental concentration, respect, and the self-discipline required to totally master these art forms. There will also come a deeper understanding of yourself that will influence many aspects of your children's lives and yours.

Yim's Martial Arts is for your children and you. Young or old, male or female, large or small, it makes no difference. You will enjoy learning the Martial Arts from Master Yim and his highly qualified Black Belt instructors.


     5 Codes of Yim's Martial Arts       

 1. Loyalty to your Country.

2. Obedience to Parents.

3. Honor Friendships.

4. No retreat in battle.

5. In fighting, choose Sense and Honor.



Yim's Martial Arts School Philosophy 

Martial Arts creates RESPECT

Respect creates HUMILITY

Humility creates HONESTY

Honesty creates SELF-CONFIDENCE

Self-Confidence creates POSITIVE THINKING

Positive Thinking creates PERFECT HUMAN BEING